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Colorado Hard Surfaces is leading the way in Denver concrete resurfacing and repairs. While many concrete contractors will recommend tear out and re-pour saying it is your only option our results speak for themselves. We have repaired broken, spalling, cracked and crumbling concrete with great results. So much so, that to look at our concrete repairs you wouldn’t even know there was ever a problem.

Concrete Coatings
Our Concrete Coating options are superior to our competitors. The coatings and sealants we use are specially formulated and not available in stores. They are UV stable (they don’t break down with exposure to sun) and formulated to last a lifetime. What this means for you, is your new concrete surface wont peel, flake off, or fade over time. You won’t have to continue to re-seal your concrete year after year

Concrete Polishing
For interior commercial spaces and larger residential spaces our concrete polishing options are vast. When looking for a low maintenance, long lasting flooring solution, polished concrete provides an easy to care for floor that looks great and withstands foot traffic and wear and tear.